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In_Nova MusEUm “Peripheral Museums Audience Development Strategy” - May 2018

In_Nova MusEUm “Peripheral Museums Audience Development Strategy”
- May 2018

The present text Peripheral museums audience development: practicing the art and food strategy documents the actual art and food European-wide strategy as practised by the In_Nova MusEUm partners and associated partners over a period of 18 months.
The first part reintroduces with more data the theoretical background framing the project, the project’s cultural strategy, offers a definition of peripheral museums, elaborates on the art and food concept, and characterises the 18-35 demographic and its relationship with museums.
The second part focuses on audience research undertaken by partners and proposes a general audience development strategy. The third part focuses on the audience development initiatives practised by the In_Nova MusEUm partners and how the art and food concept was used in different and imaginative ways to attract audiences to the partner museums.
The initiatives were fully integrated in the project’s strategy.
The specific actions were designed to achieve concrete results, namely the participatory audience development actions and digital engagement pilots. describes some of the actual audience research activities developed by partners.

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In-Nova MusEUm

In-Nova MusEUm "Peripheral Museums and the Art-Food Alliance"
- March 2018

Art and food are universal sensory languages.
The second topic of this document deals with the role of gastronomy in museum management. Food has enjoyed a central place in Western art for centuries.
“Art and food is a timeless alliance” delves into some examples from the history of art and how gastronomy is used by museums and businesses to attract and to create bonds with the local communities and visitors at large.
In_Nova MusEUm suggests that peripheral museums should adopt a communication strategy that leverages the art and food connection to attract local publics and international audiences, in particular the fun loving and tech savvy 18-35 segment, the so-called Erasmus generation.
Our pictorial overview shows hunting, harvesting, producing, distributing food and beverages and the communal enjoyment of food as perennial themes in profane and religious western art.

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In_Nova MusEUm “Introduction to Audience Development

In_Nova MusEUm “Introduction to Audience Development"
- March 2018

The present document aims to provide an introduction to Audience Development for European peripheral museums, addressing both theoretical and practical issues.
This document follows the two-day training on Audience Development & Digital Engagement that was held on November 24-25, 2016 at Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia (Italy).
The training was designed by COFAC/ University Lusófona (Portugal) and BAM!
Strategie Culturali (Italy) and it was attended by managers and staffs from eleven European museums, two universities and two cultural organisations, namely Centro Europeo Turismo Cultura e Spettacolo (Italy), Skoklosters Castle (Sweden), Theodoros Papagiannis Museum (Greece), Tirana Ekspres (Albania), Museu Bordalo Pinheiro (Portugal), University of Patras (Greece), Kilkis Museum (Greece), Muzeu Etnografik Kruja (Albania), Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia (Italy), Museo Tuscolano/Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati (Italy), Museo Civico in Lanuvuio (Italy), Muzeu Arkeologjik Durres (Albania), Museo Diocesano di Albano (Italy) and Skånelaholm Castle (Sweden).

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