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General objective


In_NovaMusEUm: Museums come back to the local community through Art&Food – the main objective is to help strengthen the capacity to attract new audiences of European museums located in peripheral areas, through activities of audience development related to Art&Food, transnational mobility and trainings for artistic curators and museum directors.

  1. Implementation of one shared strategy of audience development related to Art&Food, for EU peripheral museums.
  2. Implementation of five-audience development pilots on digital engagement.
  3. Development of one training course on digital engagement.
  4. Involvement of local communities and emerging artists through local events, workshops and exhibitions related to Art&Food: target 150 people for partner countries.
  5. Involvement of local communities trough Local – Museum participative Labs
  6. Museum Art works disseminated and enhanced trough digital engagement pilot
  7. European dissemination of project achievements through a transnational network of EU peripheral museums to be implemented across Creative Europe partner countries.

Main expected results

Expected results – indicators

  1. One audience development’s shared strategy revision developed with contribution of all partners (within Month 3).
  2. Five audience development pilots implemented and at least 35 museum delegates involved in project activities. (within Month 16).
  3. At least two museums responsible for each partner country attend the training course (within Month 2).
  4. At least 150 people for each partner country participate in project events included in activity 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 and 3.1 (within Month 18).
  5. 5 Local – Museum participative Labs
  6. At least 5 artworks food-topics-related in each local museum partner or associated partner selected and promoted on EU level (within month 18)
  7. At least 8 museums for partner country join the transnational network of EU peripheral museums (within Month 18).

Project target

  • Young Citizens (18 – 35) of partner countries with low rate of participation to museum exhibitions and programs.
  • Peripheral European museums directors / delegates / staff / curators.