In_NovaMusEUm Workshop.2: “Prendete e bevetene. Calici liturgici e calici da degustazione”, March 8, 2017 – Italy, Albano Laziale, Museo Diocesano

The event took place on November 23, 2016, was inspired by the collections of artistic goblets collected in the Diocesan Museum of Albano. On one side the Sacred, was represented by some precious goblets belonging to the museum collection; on the other side, for the Profane, the illustration of glasses used by tasters and sommeliers to taste wines and sparkling wines. During the event were held two different speeches:  the first was conducted by a Priest of the Diocese of Albano Laziale and it was dedicated to the history and symbolism of chalices and wine used in the Christian liturgy of the Eucharist during Mass. The second one – performed by a journalist and wine expert of ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Vino) – was devoted to the comparative history and symbolism of the cup and wine in Greek mythology and Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions followed by a broad description of the different types of wine glasses used over the past centuries until nowadays. To conclude the event, a description and tasting of red and white wines produced in the area of Castelli Romani and served with typical local food and reinterpretation of ancient Roman recipes by the local association “Il Grottino. Vino e Cucina”.