Sculpture symposium in Greece – Courtyard of “Theodoros Papagiannis Museum of Contemporay Art”, Elliniko, Ioannina, Greece / 18/08-10/09 2017.

The 8th Sculpture Symposium (18/08-10/09) at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in the framework of the European project In_Nova Museum, was co-organized by the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka, the Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis” and the “Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Art Theodoros Papagiannis”.

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In_Nova MusEUm: Preparation of Bread in Greece, Theodoros Papagiannis Museum of Contemporary Art, Helliniko Ioanninon, Greece, 11/10/2017.

In the frame of the Innova Museum European Program, the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka and the Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis”, organized the event entitled Sacred Breads. Kneading with the women of the village held at the Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis”, on 11 October 2017 at 11:00.

The event was attended by the women of the village, who brewed a series of artistic breads in the Museum’s bread room. The artist Thodoros Papagiannis helped in the creation of breads. In the same room, a large group of preschool children (25) together with their parents brewed their own breads, which have been baked and displayed at their school.

Breads created were exposed for ten days at the Museum. At the end of the exhibition, which coincided with the 4th Official Meeting of the Program’s Partners, a religious ceremony was organized at the Museum during which the breads were blessed and then passed on to the attendees.

The objective was for the local public to experience the social and creative wealth which emerges from artistic creations, to understand the reproduction of everyday life in a museological setting and reap the benefits of creation which arise through the production of cultural capital. Hence, the museum is no longer a distant point of reference, but gradually begins to register in the minds of local communities, and becomes part of their daily lives offering a qualitative upgrade of their awareness.

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In_Nova MusEUm: Open field workshop in Greece – 4, at the Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis”, December 14, 2017

Local technical committee consisted by the institutional representatives of the Programme (Dr. Eleni Pagratiou). In the frame of In-Nova Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art “Theodoros Papagiannis” organized, in collaboration with the “Wonder House”, the 4th Creative Workshop entitled “Creations with Earth’s Fruit”, which took place on Wednesday, December 14, 2017 at the Primary School of Helleniko, Ioannina, at 11:00. The aim of the workshop was to introduce children to the Mediterranean diet and to create an integrated ecological consciousness on consumption culture and eating.

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In_Nova MusEUm: Open Field Workshop 3 in Greece – Central Library of the University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece, 20/10/2017

More than 250 people visited the exhibition at the Central Library of the University of Ioannina, attended the lecture of Dr. Marina Vrellis-Zachos in the amphitheater of the Central Library and the dramatization of the folklore tail “The sweetest Bread ” presented by school students of Arsakeia Schools of Ioannina.

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In_Nova MusEUm: Open field workshop 2 in Greece, 6 May, 2017 – Fethiye Camii, Inner Citadel of the castle of Ioannina, Greece.

The 2st Open Field Workshop was held at the Fethiye Camii of the Inner Citadel of the Castle of Ioannina, Epirus, Greece, with audience participation (80 persons), on Saturday 06/05/2017.

The narrator of folk fairy tales Miss Maria Mahaira, accompanied by the musician Mr. Antonis Karastamatis, presented to the audience folk tales from pre-industrial Greece, with the central theme of the raw and the cooked food, and with particular emphasis on cannibalistic practices in folk narrative tradition of pre-industrial Greece. Both the atmosphericity of the space and the interpretation of the artists created an extremely magical ambience. At the end of the event, the Gastronomy Club of Epirus had prepared for the participants raw and cooked foods that were directly related to the content of the folk tales that had been narrated, accompanied by local wine. The tasting experience was held in the event hall of the Byzantine Museum of Ioannina.

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